Thursday, January 26, 2006

7 Tips For Selling Clothing on eBay

In previous posts I have referred to the usefulness of the group of people who I call "The Discussers"...the people who regularly contribute on the eBay discussion boards. ( found in the community section in ebay)

Yesterday I asked for advice on selling second hand clothes ( at this point you should refer to a previous post entitled "Clothes off your Back". January archives)

The Discussers did a fine job with the advice which I have summarised in a list below . Next week I will be listing some of my wife's unwanted ( and unworn ! ) clothing and I will try to keep to these guidelines

Here Are the top 7 tips:-

1. Don't sell anything you wouldn't be happy receiving .
2. Put ALL the measurements in the description.
( not just size ..include arm/leg/chest measurements..)
3. Be realistic about your starting prices . If it is not a well known label then start it low ...0.99p
4. Be specific when describing colours ....the way it looks on your photo may be different on someone else's computer.
5. Buy a mannequin to display your clothes ...they photograph better ( plenty of mannequins for sale on eBay)
6. If you are a smoker wash your clothes then seal them in an airtight bag until they sell.
7. A good source for recognised clothing labels are your local charity shops go hunting

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