Friday, January 20, 2006

House Clearance

They say the best way to get started on Ebay is by having a clear out !!

This is certainly true in my case . To date , between my father in law and myself I have sold over 30 items we no longer had any use for ... It all adds up to a princely some with earnings to date in excess of £700 for unwanted bric a brac

So for starters why dont you take a trip up to the loft and bring down something that has a thick layer of dust on it might turn out to be Gold dust

I still have a few household items to sell ....and after that ...I don't know yet ... I am hoping for some advice from my readers ....if I ever get any :-)


mamabear said...

hey Rob, I made it to your blog :). I too sell items I have no further use for, so tell me, why is it I still cannot find my blardy loungeroom ? - sometime I feel like throwing it away, but then I come to my senses and realise that a buck can be made ;).
keep up the good work, love the puppet,Good Luck with him :) better get back to listing stuff myself!

Juanita (mamabear) in Autralia

rebay said...

Thanks mamabear ...bookmark the site and pop in from time to time