Saturday, January 21, 2006

Making Money on eBay .. My way

"My way" one of Frank Sinatra's best songs ...Well having read a few thoughts in the web jungle ( see last two posts) I have decided I better set myself some personal targets .

eBay is never going to be my main source of income ( or at least I think not ...Check back in two years time and see if I have made power seller status ! ) No, for me it is about supplementing the family income and having some fun whilst doing it and keeping the blog is all part of the Fun for me .

Anyway enough waffle . What are my money making targets .....

I would like initially to clear £100 a month in profit with all the eBay and paypal costs subtracted ..

This means that I will have to sell at least two or three items a week !

Now I have worked out that with the amount of odds and ends that I have around the house ,I will have enough stuff to sell through to March ...After that it is going to get a little more difficult . I will have to find something to sell !

So if you have any bright ideas then please leave your comments ....

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