Thursday, January 19, 2006

There's no such thing as a free Lunch ...

The way I got started on ebay was by being shown the basics by someone who knew what they were talking about ...

It only took half an hour or so for my ebay teacher to help me set up an account and then post my first item ..

So my advice to the beginner is that they seek out the help of someone who knows what they are talking about ....if you ask around I am sure you will know someone ...after all there are supposed to be 9 million users of ebay in the UK ..

Entice them with the offer of a free lunch :-)


confuddled said...


What a good idea for a blog!

Following on from your last entry it's worth noting that auctions that finish on a Sunday are historically destined to end up at a lower final price than those that finish on almost any other day.

Sundays are notoriously glitchy, with users reporting bid failures from both manual input and sniping software for quite some time. It used to be the case that so long as you avoided Sunday evenings you could pretty much rely on at least being able to bid. Sadly, eBay set their best technicians to work to fix the problem and ever since almost everything from noon onwards is a write off.

Friday morning maintenance which often lasts until just before the pubs shut on Friday evening has ensured that anybody hoping to get the best price for their item wont schedule it to finish on a Friday either.

Obviously the flip side of this is that if you are persistent and or lucky you can often manage to get a bargain. Try placing an early low proxy bid the evening before or by signing in via the American site and bidding from there.

More than any other online marketplace, eBay users have to rely on a combination of knowledge, wits and intelligence to ensure that they remain safe whilst buying and selling.

It's not only a case of watching out for the proliferation of crooks who will shake your hand and smile as they pick your pocket, there's also a real need for users to protect the equipment they use to connect to the site.

I'd strongly advise anyone using the internet to visit Cuddly-Hippo's me page and make sure they have adequate protection installed on their machines. You can find her me page here

Buyers and sellers alike should also be aware of the threat posed by fraudsters operating 419 scams, you can find information about these scams here.

Some very sound advice as to how to deal with and recognise these 'buyers' can be found on this thread.

Don't make the mistake of believing that because you have either been paid with Paypal or have paid for something using Paypal your money is safe. It doesn't necessarily follow that this is the case and like almost everything else eBay related the onus is on the user to recognise, understand and minimise the risks involved.

To that end I'd urge anyone who uses or intends to use Paypal to read Bella's me page.

Used properly and with the appropriate amount of common sense, eBay remains a great place to buy and sell no matter what the media and their narrow minded cowardly rants would have you believe. Don't waste your money buying books about eBay, they are theoretical and outdated, such is the pace at which the rules and climate change.

Finally, if you have a question about anything at all eBay related, ask here, you'll get the right answer in seconds.

Good luck with your blog and your eBaying.



rebay said...

Thanks J

You have the honour of being the first person to leave a comment

If I could play a fanfare ai would

Excellent advice

Many thanks


Claire said...


I like the blog, been meaning to do my own for a while so signed up whilst i visited

I started on ebay a few years ago, just selling stuff from round the house & old phones etc

Now i sell lingerie on 4 different auction sites and have just started my own online site
I would have to agree with everything confuddled said (i avoid sundays like the plague!!)

The best advice i can give anyone would be to read the community forums regularly, i have learnt so much from reading about other peoples problems & the advice they have been given!
Don't buy any get rich quick ebooks, you will find you can prob get most of them free from one place or another

Good luck

rebay said...

Thanks claire ..if you get it going ( the blog that is ) I will link up to it