Tuesday, February 21, 2006

10 Golden Rules for Ebay

I am beginning to formulate a set of rules for my eBay journey ...here are the top 10 Golden rules that I have learnt so far ....they may well change in the future ..let me know if you have others you would like to add ...

1. Make sure your item listing runs over a weekend to capture people who web browse on the weekend .
2. Start with a low price to encourage bidding.
3. Think about including postage and packaging in the price..it may encourage more bids .
4. Always put a picture on the site .
5. If buying make contact with the buyers and ask questions.
6. Study ebay feedback . Find out what other traders think.

7. Protect yourself from scammers by downloading the ebay toolbar which alerts you if your on a bogus site.
8.Use secure payment methods such as paypal .
9. Never give out your ebay password or respond to emails asking to verify your details .
10 Never send an item before receiving the payment.

So there you have it ...some tips for you to ponder

I must go and add some listings ....I am spending too much time blogging and not enough time selling .... My wife is right she says " I'm all mouth and no action " !!

So rule number 11 ... you have to add a listing to be able to sell your product :-)

For some reason my wife liked this one !!!

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Mark said...

Poor little doggy!