Saturday, February 18, 2006

The eBay Capital of England Norwich

" Norwich Cathedral by night"
I picked up an article in "The Daily Mirror" the other day about the growth of ebay in the UK over the last few years ...

They carried an interesting piece on the top 20 ebay towns in England calculated by the percentage of people who are ebay members in the town

Norwich came out top with a staggering 55% of the total population registered with ebay ...So Norwich is the ebay capital of England ....fame at last for the East Anglian city .

I have been working away from home over tha last few days which is why the postings have dried up this week ( sorry to anyone who has been following this blog ...I promise to do better next week )

My listings haven't been doing too brilliantly either ...three of them bombed out with no bidders ...I'll do the analysis on the blog next week ..

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