Thursday, March 02, 2006

Watching market trends for eBay

In my previous life as a businessman running a medium sized service industry business , I always liked to keep myself briefed on what consumer trends were doing ...

For you eBay entrepreneur's out there it is even more important ...Those of you buying to sell will be more successful if you are selling into markets that are today's must haves ..

One site that helps with this is Marks friend over at Auction Genius ( this site is linked up to it ) . On that site you will find regular updates on current market trends

One other site that I use ...Which looks a little further into the future is "".. a site that says this about itself ....

"An independent and opinionated consumer trends firm, relying on a global network of 8,000 spotters, working hard to deliver inspiration and pangs of anxiety to business professionals in 120+ countries worldwide. "

Give it a click you may find it useful ...Oh and by the way apologies for the dodgy photo in its first article ...Very trendy human mannequins wearing very little ..

I have a busy couple of days coming up so postings may dry up for a day or two ...Oh and by the way if you have any other useful information about eBay market trends then why not share it in the comments ... Thanks

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