Friday, April 07, 2006

What to sell on eBay

Well I'm back ..And by the looks of my listings I had better knuckle down and do some selling .

At the moment the cupboard is full with items to list , Gill last week trawled through the house and found me plenty of stuff to offer up to the world of eBay .

There is a day looming however when my home based supply chain will dry up ...The day when the house is totally minimalistic because everything has been sold ;-)...On that day I will need a source of product to sell.

Scott Prock has written about this subject for Bellaonline...He like so many other eBay guru's is telling me to find a niche that I like , maybe an old hobby that still tickles my fancy ..Something that I will enjoy selling , something that I have some knowledge of ..

So I'm off to think about such things ....Like when I was younger I was a plane spotter .. Is there much of a market for jet airliners on eBay though , and they would be a right pain to wrap up in brown paper ... Ah well back to the think tank ..


Linda said...

Welcome Back! Hope your conference was rewarding and fun!

I'm having a bit of problem with photos so I haven't listed anything lately. For the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Even though I'm using a white soft tent box with lights, and a white backdrop, my photos are coming out with a brown background! Does anyone know what on earth I might be doing wrong?

Got a new printer, and it's due for delivery today. It's an HP 2840 color laser, fax, scanner, copier..I'm so excited. I imagine I'll be spending the day trying to get it hooked up. That should be a joy since I'm all thumbs when it comes to hardware!


rebay said...

Does the printer make tea and do the dishes as well ...I want one

good to hear from you Linda ..Hope your sister had a good visit ...with regards to your photos ..have a look back at one of my postings on photos..i am sure one of the links that I used invited questions relating to specific problems ...they may be able to help


Linda said...

Oh are such a dear! I think I may have found the solution to my problem in one of your photography posts in February (I think it was Feb.) See what he said:

Avoid underexposing your photos, especially if you’re shooting against a white background or outside in bright light. Your digital camera should have an over/under expose button that allows you to compensate and adjust the exposure. When taking pictures against a white background you might want to increase the exposure by +1 so that it lets more light into the camera and the background becomes a pure white.

I'm indebted to you.

Wouldn't surprise me if this handy-dandy, do-it-all printer I'm getting DOES actually make tea! I think they're running out of new technology so why not offer a little domestic services along with the utilitarian functions. :-)

We had the greatest visit with my sister...hated to see her go. But, the end to a perfect visit was less than perfect. Their plane got cancelled (bad weather out of New York), so they had to spend the night at the airport, sleeping on two benches they pulled together. Then they were told the next plane wouldn't arrive until 7PM the next evening. But someone was watching over them because they managed to get seats on the 9 AM plane because someone cancelled. What a nightmare! But all's well that ends well. They're now safe at home in Daytona Beach.



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