Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back to School ....with eBay

The university of life with all of its experience is often the best teacher and its no different on eBay . As you progress with buying and selling more items your experience and knowledge of eBay grows .You learn what sells and why it sells , you experiment with different marketing techniques , you learn from other people and their listings . Your increasing knowledge and experience does prevent mistakes .

So it's important to learn from you own personal experience but it's also good to benefit from the experience of others, which is why eBay have such a thing as the " eBay university " .In the UK this university is in the form of one day events and I notice that in the coming months there are a number of teaching events being held around the country . Click here for more details .

For me, time does not allow me to check them out this side of spring. So I will be looking to enroll in May or June .... They are relatively cheap for one day seminars and I believe you have nothing to lose and much knowledge to gain by attending ...So it will be back to school later in the year .. and maybe I will see you there .

What about you ...Has anyone had any experience at the eBay university that they would like to share in the comments ??....


Anonymous said...

No bids on the cow, I think you need to put it out to pasture

rebay said...

Yep ..Know any good retirement homes for cows