Monday, January 30, 2006

Being Trendy on eBay .....

One of the aspects of ebay selling that I have noticed over the last few weeks is how readily the eBay market follows current trends . In a previous posting I talked about Bird Flu ( see January archives ) and today I am predicting a trend towards ethical clothing sales .

Ethical clothing ...What's all that about you might be asking ? Its selling clothes that have been manufactured by reputable companies who don't use child labour and don't exploit their employees with ridiculously long hours for very little reward . You can read more about it by clicking here, click on the links that will take you to some of the companies that are now promoting these "fair trade" goods.

So what has this to do with eBay . Well according to the news today , ethical goods sales are growing faster than conventional goods . So now is the time to seek out the suppliers and start listing ...Entrepreneurs now is the time to move on this market. ( to date there is only one listing on eBay in the UK ...Watch it grow ..)

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