Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Knowledge at your fingertips ...but don't burn them !

Watch out for the sharks when you go surfing !!

Feeling a wee bit bleary eyed this morning having spent a couple of hours last night surfing the web for eBay information .

The internet is a marvelous resource that is often under utilized but not last night much to my wife's disgust !

anyway enough of by babbling ..What did I find ??

Well there are many web sites out there offering to help you become the best eBay seller that ever walked the earth ...There is a snag however ..It often costs ...And if you are like me and you struggle to part with money then these sites are not for you ..

There are however many freebies ( this is one of them ...Or will be when I build up a knowledge base) another couple of sites worth a look at I have listed below.

"Mark Kenny's blog" ..Click the link its called Trading Web Solutions and has many articles for you to study

And the "eBay-portal" a small but increasingly popular site, aimed at being a key web resource and forum for eBayers.

There is plenty to read and think about on these two sites alone .....So it looks like another late night tonight with my reading glasses on ...Don't tell the wife !

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