Monday, February 13, 2006

Attacting the buyers to your listing ...on Ebay

The ebay Market place is huge ...a few fascinating facts for you ..

1. Ebay members make 79 million targeted searches for items each day

2. There are 35000 categories within which to place items for sale .

3.There are eBay auction sites in 27 countries.

4. ebay has 125 million registered users.

5. 40,000 new members join ebay each day thats a growing market if ever I saw one !
So with so many users why am I struggling to attract the punters along to view my listings . For instance this listing ..Click here ... has been on for 7 days and has attracted only 22 hits ..8 of which were probably me !

I think it has to be related to the category chosen and the wording in the title ...If it doesn't sell I will re-submit with a few changes ....but if you have any advice for me then I am all ears ..please leave a comment ...

Here is some Advice I picked up from the web on effective titles .......

  • Use keywords that potential bidders use to search listings

A title that solves a problem

Maker a reader curious to know more

Is simple and easy to read and understand

Exhibits professionalism ..

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