Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tips for Choosing the right book on eBay

If you want to learn about anything in life then it takes a little effort and some good books . So as I am trying to learn about the art of ebay buying and selling I thought I would turn to some books .

So I bought this book , and whilst it provided me with the information to do all of the basics on eBay it didn't really go much further . I am beyond the basics now and I need some advise on how to maximise my chances of actually attracting bidders and also advice on good sources of items to sell ...this book failed to help me with this .( having said that ..if you are new to ebay, then this book comes highly recommended.It is book that will take you step by step in setting up accounts , buying and selling items etc ...)

But it didn't suit my requirements and that is entirely my fault ...I rushed in to buying the book without taking a good look around first and maybe asking for advise from "the discussers" ..... typical of me really ..ask my wife ..very impetuous ;-)

So don't be like me your quest for eBay knowledge. Seek out the advise of those who have been there before you , they will normally point you in the right direction ..

Incidentally does anyone know of any good ebay books ? Use the comments to give us all your recommendations ...

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