Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ebay Radio&TV ...did you know it exists

eBay is huge, you begin to understand that fact when you spend a little time surfing eBay related web sites and reading news articles .More and more people are becoming interested in the online auction phenomenon . ( it's a disease you know ...called ebayitis ..and if you are reading this you have caught it ..welcome fellow sufferer)

The other day I came across the eBay radio show can access it by clicking here .... Its a great site with much valuable info ..and on the same day I came across Auctionbytes TV .An internet tv channel dedicated to online auctions . I watched one 3 minute programme that gave me some useful advice about setting your background up for the all important eBay photo ....see for yourself here ..

Anyway today I am determined to add a listing ..My eldest daughters unwanted "Converse" training shoes .... She bought them from eBay just before Christmas and then decided she didn't like them when they arrived . I don't expect to make a profit but it would be nice to recoup some of my hard earned cash .... I have three daughters , so I had better get used to this kind of thing :-)

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