Friday, February 24, 2006

Re-listing your items ...Be persistent

Well I finally found a few minutes to add some listings last night . I have to confess though , I took the easy option of relisting some failed offerings ....Persistence is the key they say ..

The Friesian Cow ...Has gone back up ... Read about it here .. I cant believe nobody wanted my little cow ... But never give up I say ... So I have changed the wording and offered her back up to eBay ...

The Charity shop pictures are back on ...My experiment failed ...So I have reduced the price and sent them out again ..

And lastly one for my Father in law ...His hand beaten pewter plate ...That he desperately wants me to sell .... So it's up for grabs again .... Never mess with the Father in law
..Especially if he is from Yorkshire .


Mark said...

Aint it the truth!

Test! Test! Test your acutions! Sydney Johnston, the Auction Queen drums that into our heads all the time.

Now about that cow??? Maybe you need to search another room?

Took me a half an hour to fill in my "word verification" :-)

rebay said...


Don't upset the cow ...they have feelings you know :-)

I had to put word verification on as i was getting too much spam .. a magnifying glass will help .....