Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mark's ...My Ebay Adventure ...check it out

I have found a cyber friend in Mark ...over at myebayadventure . Uncannily he started his eBay blog at the same time as I did and his aim like mine is to share his ebay knowledge and experience as he explores the world of online auctions ..

His is the site to go to for a real experience of what it is like to build up an online eBay business . So make sure you visit his site you will learn far more over there than here ... The man is destined to be a muscleman in the eBay world ..a real Powerseller


Andy said...

you and mark would both do better to actually link to your ebay listings on your blogs... that way when folks read your blog they can actually see what's up for grabs!

evangelion said...

Good Idea Andy ...just got yo work out how to do that know I'm a bit of a plonker when it comes to puter speak

Thanks for the advice ...good to see you passed your exams


Mark said...


You're reading my mind like Rob. I'm gonna do what you suggest very shortly when I put my first Auction Genius product line up for grabs on ebay.

As for you Mr. Chips, it's not going to be "goodbye" but many hellos in the future days and weeks to come.

Thanks for the plug Rob. I still like your blog better than mine!

PS: I initiated the word verification on my blog. Thanks for the tip.