Thursday, February 02, 2006

Feeling the Chill .....Help is at hand from eBay

It's cold again today in the UK . Last night I went to the match ( Liverpool FC vs Birmingham city .A 1-1 draw,but that's another story ) . Anyway I was freezing sat in the stands with sub zero temperatures . What's the solution to my dilemma I thought ... "I wonder if ebay can help.."

And like a faithful friend eBay came up trumps again with a magnificent range of " Themal Underwear" . Check out the range for yourself . I was thinking about buying a pair for my wife for Valentines day ...What do you think

The cold weather that we are having in the UK is amusing the "Australian Discussers" . They delighted last night in telling me about their extremely hot summer...Read about it here
I guess they won't be bidding for the thermals then .

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