Monday, February 06, 2006

Shredders ...Useful Packaging tips for Ebay

One of the problems that I have had when dispatching items is how to package properly and inexpensively . So as usual I put this question to "the discussers" and yet again they came up trumps with a number of good ideas .... And a bigger bonus was that they were environmentally friendly ideas

Firstly, buy yourself a shredder and use the shredded bits of paper to pad out and protect your items. (these days shredders are becoming a vital piece of kit because the criminal element of our society have now started going through our bins looking for bank account numbers etc )

Secondly, all of those throw away plastic bags that you pick up from the supermarket ...well save them and as with the shredded paper use them to pad out and protect your items .. re-cycling makes you feel much greener. You will be able to wear the "I'm environmentally friendly" badge with pride.

Good tips ..especially if you are shipping fragile items.... because as we all know writing "fragile handle with care" is often not fully understood by our beloved post office !!


Anonymous said...

If I were a post office worker I would be rather offended. I think a label saying "Fragile Handle with Care" is an open invitation for damage, you may as well say "Fragile Do your Worst".

I propose that the new postal uniform should incorporate Burbery base ball caps & scarfs.

Andy said...

I still wouldn't use confidential stuff that you have shredded unless you have a cross cut shredder or your reshred your shreds