Saturday, February 04, 2006

Time ...There isn't enough of it for eBay

One of my biggest problems in my quest for some sort of financial reward from ebay is having the time to actually sit down and learn the system as well as organise my items for listings ..

When you have a family , a job , a degree course that needs studying for and a dog that needs walking ...You inevitably find that spare time becomes a rare commodity .

Over the last week I haven't been able to put one listing on, even though I have a queue of items waiting .Today , however, is Saturday so in between walking the dog , washing the car , ferrying the kids here there and everywhere, I should find 10 minutes to place a few items .... I guess the time -management gurus would say to me "prioritise Rob prioritise" ..Spend less time on your journal and more time on your listings ...Sound advise which of course I will ignore because I like writing this journal even though very few are reading it ...But for the few who do, I hope you enjoy ..

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