Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Encouraging stories from eBayers

We all like a little encouragement don't we . The odd pat on the back goes a long way .

In our eBay world it is no different. One source of encouragement is the sight of our listings selling for a profit.... And it even happens to me occasionally :-)

Another source of encouragement is other people stories and Mark over at Ebayadventure has been running a few of them lately . Many great tales of eBay tenacity and courage .

Last night whilst doing a little research, I came across a married couple called the Caspers who have a never say die attitude to eBay business success and after many false dawns they are finally now making a significant eBay income ...

Have a read ebayers ..You will be encouraged and you may well pick up a few tips ... Click Here


Andrea said...

Hey, Rob!

Thanks for ripping off "my" article without giving me credit! :-) (Just kidding. I know it's a public news source.)

Really just wanted to say again how much I love your blog. You manage to find the funniest cartoons and your stories are really touching.

Don't forget you have a friend over here across the pond if you ever need any help, especially with the tech stuff. That seems to be my specialty.

Linda said...

Hi Rob,

A good article...I sense these people do have the right attitude, and the right focus.

Reminds me of a guy who has an auto shop in the little town where I live. I don't think he's making a killing on eBay, but he has found there is a market for his computer chips or cards that he uses for diagnositcs. When then the chips are updated, the old ones are no longer of any use to him because he gets a brand new one. However, there are other garages out there who can't afford the upgrades, and are happy to get the old ones. So they buy them from him on eBay.

I was amazed when I heard many other things must be out there that fall into the niche category?

I agree with Andrea...and, you have more friends over here too, including me.


rebay said...

Ladies what can I say ..I am indeed honoured to know that you enjoy reading the blog

Linda wy don't you join Andrea and I and step into the world of blogging ... i promise to bookmark you in my favourites :-)

Linda said...

Oh Rob...

I'd do my own blog, but I know me and I wouldn't be able to keep up with it. At least not now. If I can get me organized re: listing things on eBay, and disciplining myself to stay at the computer for longer periods of time, I might consider it for the future.

At any rate, there's no way I could ever do a blog as good as yours!