Friday, March 17, 2006

Spelling is important with eBay

I made a mistake the other day ...Another one I hear you cry ...

Linda my Dolphin friend very politely pointed out the fact that I had misspelled the word Lladro in my title for this listing ... Instead I had typed in Ladro ...What a duffer I am :-(

Mistakes make a huge difference ...In my example people who are searching for a Lladro piece would not have been directed to my listing because the search engine only looks at the title ..

Fortunately I got away with it and the piece sold for its UK market value ...

It led me to do some digging about spellings on eBay and found this site ...Its called Fat Fingers ..Rather aptly ...Its a free web based tool for eBay bargain hunters who rely on people who misspell in the hope that they will find a bargain ..

Try it out for yourself ...Type in something like "Royal Doulton" and see how many people have listed with the incorrect spellings .... So I am not alone out there ...I think I need to open an eBay spelling bee club :-)


linda said...

Oh my gosh! This a great web site!!!! Fat Fingers just went into my favorites list!

Thank you, thank you.


Linda said...


Buttons arrived safe, warm and comfy... I think he misses you, but he seems to like me! Left you feedback, and thank you so much for wonderful Buttons.


rebay said...

Thanks Linda a me a photo of him in his new home .. Katie ( my middle daughter) would love to see where he is now


Linda said...

Oh I definitely will! Tomorrow! Please thank Katie for parting with her lovely kitty & assure her that we will love Buttons as much as she did.


Linda said...

Picture of Buttons was just now sent to you thru cyberspace.