Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I hit the Target

Checked out the Paypal account for January and Feb last night ...just over £ ...I'm rich :-)

So I achieved my target of £100 a month , big pat on the back for me ..

I sold.. 2 model trains, fetching £165 between them / 2 puppets for £25/some wartime memorabilia for £7 and a pewter tankard for £7...

I know its not huge sums of money but when you have three daughters every little helps.

Onwards and upwards I go .........


Mark said...

Great job Rob! Really that's terrific.

That "wartime memorabilia" is probably just lying all over the streets over there. You should be able to make a killing on that :-)

Care to share your ebay ID so we can enter the biddin too? There might be a piece of WWII stuff I'm interested in like a British Tank or something.



rebay said...

Tank you

It was actually a WW1 shell that we picked up a few years ago in Belgium near the front line

I think I posted about it a few weeks back

Which bit is the user ID ...let me know and I will gladly share it with you

Tanks again