Friday, March 24, 2006

Strange Tales For Friday from eBay

Well its Friday . Have you had a good/bad or just plain ugly week ... For me it's been good , very busy , absolutely manic in places but still good .

If you need cheering up though , and often we do at the end of the week, then let me take you back in time to December 25th last year . Did Father Christmas come to your house ? [and have you sold anything that was given to you on eBay yet :-) ]

Well there is a chap in the States who has the evidence that he did come down his chimney ..And he is selling it on eBay for $5000 ...Interested in his story then click here

Hope it made you smile .

This weekend I am off to speak at a youth conference so no postings for a couple of days ...But I will be back fresh as a daisy on Monday ..

PS Andrea look out for my trendy Figurine going live tonight ..

One final thought before I go. Creativity is key to any business success . We often hear the phrase "think outside of the box " . For eBay it is no different , from what I have read of successful online sellers they are usually people who use their creative skills to transform a simple idea into something compelling ... Take these Bricks for instance ...Ordinary bricks but used in a different attractive way ... A good idea for your garden project this weekend :-)

Have a great weekend


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