Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Top Ten Selling tips ...For eBay

When I go to a football match I invariably become a coach because I always encourage!! the real coach from the stands ....You know how it goes " What did he pick him for " , "He is playing the wrong formation".... And my wife is the same .." I can't believe they didn't colour coordinate the shorts and the socks " :-)

We all like to have our opinion don't we . In the time that I have been eBaying I have come across many opinions on how things should be done and slowly but surely I am beginning to formulate a set of " Must Abide By Rules" ..... The eBay equivalent of the "Ten commandments "

Last night I came across Ron Mansfield who is an eBay seller consultant and instructor ..His top ten are pretty good ...They go like this

1. Be Committed.
2. Have sufficient start up funds.
3. Effective , persistent marketing.
4.Find great stuff to sell.
5.Never sell Junk .
6.Give great customer service.
7.Create an efficient pleasant working facility for yourself .
8 Create polished listings and photographs.
9 Pay attention to detail.
10. Do good recordkeeping

This is just a summary if you want the detail behind his list then click here

So what do you think ??.... Agree with him ... Your the coach now ...You tell us all whether you agree or not ...What are your " Must do's For eBay success" ???...Please share your thoughts in the comments section below ...click on comments and then have a go ...doesn't have to be 10 ..one pearl of wisdom is fine ... Thanks

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