Monday, March 06, 2006

Knitting and eBay.... whats the link?

Mark over on my ebayadventure reminded me recently of the old saying " its like knitting fog" . Often whilst trading on eBay you find yourself utterly frustrated and your quest for a source of income seems as impossible as "Knitting Fog" ..... but as I said to Mark ..THE FOG ALWAYS keep on listing ...keep on improving ...keep on putting the effort in and you will be rewarded .

This whole knitting thing got me surfing on eBay ....have you seen the amount of listings for knitting related items ...its huge ,particulary in the States . Knitting has become more and more popular and judging by the photo of the woolly knickers above ...I am sure it will become even more popular with the men .... and guess what.... there is actually a trendy looking web site called "knitting fog "..

So if your looking for a niche market ...get into knitting .. oh and I must confess I can knit ..I know it's not very macho to admit ...but if you don't tell anyone I wont :-)


Mark said...

I knitted my wife a pair of these. Actually it was crochet, and a very loose stitch.


rebay said...

Send me the pattern ...sounds very interesting :-)