Monday, March 06, 2006

Looking For Bargains On eBay

We all like finding bargains don't we . One of my daughters is particularly obsessed with bargain hunting when shopping around town , she will shop for hours until she finds something that is good value for money .. I think she is a future power seller in the making .

To make any sort of profit on eBay the most basic laws of economics must prevail ... Buy cheap and then sell on for a profit ....It's not rocket science I know, but it's not easy to achieve either .

The main problem is finding a good source of goods at the right price that will allow you to sell on for a profit.

My search for a good reliable listing supply chain of wholesale goods hasn't really begun yet . I am still at the stage of selling off my household bric-a-brac.....Having said that the day is fast approaching when I will need to find that supply chain, which is why I am glad to be sharing my eBay experience with Mark over on ebayadventure . He is in the process of setting up his suppliers and is about to launch his eBay business on the world . So make sure you bookmark his site .

Having said all that I think I might have found a few bargains myself . Check out this website called Last minute auctions .com it is brilliant .

The site is set up to list all items that are due to finish listing within the next hour and are going for less than £1 ( or $1 in the American and Australian versions) ... There are some real bargains to be found which ultimately could be sold on for a profit if you market your listing properly

I have tasked myself with buying at least one item from this site this week ...I'll keep you posted ..

Let me know what you think of the site in the comments section below ..If you havn't commented before ..Then please do I would love to hear from you ..Thanks

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Linda said...

Pretty cool web site! Thanks Rob.