Friday, March 03, 2006

First Aid ...for Ebay

I am hoping this WW2 Helmet ( scheduled to go on ebay tonight)will put a plaster on my financial wounds .My three daughters and my wife all have birthdays between Feb and April this is a very expensive time of year for our houshold ...

I often put this tin hat on when the bills start rolling in :-)

We have had the helmet in our family for over forty years . My dad found it in the loft in my home city of Liverpool . In fact a number of houses in our street were bombed in the war so I suppose the hat was well used ...

My postings will dry up for a couple of days as I am off to do my day job this weekend ...I'll be back Monday ....


Mark said...

Oh man I want that helmet. I checked your listing and see you've already received 2 bids on a 10 day listing.

You've got a winner here. This should go high. I'm going to put it on my own watch list and follow it. I'm not a collector so I don't know how much this kind of article goes for but expect you might be surprised.

Your ebay ID is "831evangellion".

Rob your listings are looking very nice. Reminds me of golf. They say if your shooting a true 90 you're probably in the top 10% of all golfers.

Well your ebay listings are definitely in the top 10% of all ebay listings. Between the "adcopy", the templates and items you've chosen to sell each listing really present itself well.

Keep up the good work. You're teaching me a thing or two.


rebay said...

Thanks Mark .... mr Encouragement