Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blowing an old Whistle on eBay

I visited my mum and dad over in Liverpool on Monday . Dad knowing that I had become hooked on eBay said why don't you sell this old whistle .

"Your gran found it during the General strike riots of 1926 , a policeman dropped it , she found it and brought it home ! " He said

So I listed it a couple of days ago and have been very surprised by the amount of interest . Obviously there is a market out there for old whistles..

Maybe this is a niche market that might be worth exploring ..

Incidentally I listed it using the new listing tool that eBay are triailing seemed to work quite well until you come to revise your item and then you have problems much so that I have been wanting to change a spelling mistake for two days now and every time I try it boots me out ..

So eBay will have to work on the programme a little before full release ...So beware if use it yourself ..

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