Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blue star Brigade ...

I have made it .... My Blue Star certificate arrived today ... 50 items with feedback ( all positive ...Although I do have a delivery problem going on at the moment so that might change ...)

I must celebrate ...Anyone got any suggestions on how to commemorate appropriately this major eBay milestone :-)


Linda said...

Congratulations Rob!!!

You should celebrate by taking your wife out for a nice romantic dinner. I'll bet she's had to suffer through your trials and tribulations to get to 50, and deserves to be rewarded for HER patience :-)

Sorry I've been out of touch lately...I've been reconfiguring my computer set-up. I now have a wireless router. My problem now is finding a permanent home upstairs for my laptop.


rebay said...

Under the pillow is a good place ..just in case you can't sleep you can always boot it up and add a few listings :-)

Hope you are well ...I have missed your input ...I too havn't been able to spend as much time on the blog lately ...Easter is a very busy period and I am in the middle of doing essays for my theology degree , so time is a little hard to find at the moment

Anyway must dash

Take care