Saturday, April 15, 2006

Selling Books on eBay

I have been selling off a few of my old books lately . Well not just mine , a few have come from my youngest daughter who hopes to pocket a few pounds [ I havn’t told here about my trading assistant fees yet :-) ]

Second hand books are very popular sellers on ebay and other sites ( particularly amazon)

I was reading Steve Webers blog last night . A site dedicated to the online book seller . He now makes a considerable amount of money from his online business , having started out in the year 2000 selling off some of his old books .

His site is well worth checking out from time to time if you intend to sell books …you might also be tempted to buy his ebook . He gives you a couple of chapters free , both of which are very readable and informative ..

Here is the link to his Story

…and here is the link to his blog

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