Thursday, April 13, 2006

List of free web based Auction tools

I have been doing some surfing again and found a number of web based auction tools ..

I havn't had time to review them all ....That is where you come in ...please check some out and leave your comments for others in the comments section below ...

Auction Shadow..
Offers searching, bidding, and auction alerts. Includes misspelling search, accessory filter, and "shadow" feature to find items that others are bidding on.
Auction Mapper
Interactive eBay search tool with advanced search options, breakdown by category, and illustration of item location on a US map
Searches across multiple auction sites. Includes cross-site watchlist and optional public wish list
Free website which searches eBay for typing and spelling errors, based on a single search wo
Flash-based eBay searcher with results in list, gallery and map formats
DealClosetAuction Search and Alerts
Searches across auction sites. Includes option to receive an email notification when a new auction is found matching keyword, price, and time remaining criteria
eBay Google Maps Mashup
Search eBay through Google Maps. This free site will try to guess your zip code and then find items close to you
Internet Bargain Center
Search or browse items on eBay, filtered to your local area
ItemScout is a hosted service which searches for new auctions matching your serach terms, at the frequency of your choice - from every 5 minutes to 24 hours, and emails you the results.
MyBaboon searches across auction sites for the search terms you specify, emailing the results to you when new items are found or at a specified interval
MyBuyerIQ aims to help buyers find bargains on eBay by finding items that are posted in the wrong category, have spelling errors in the title, do not have a gallery picture, end at inconvenient times, or have no bids
eBay search with "clustering" technology, which finds common topics to group search results under.

Now that lot should keep you gainfully occupied for an hour or two :-)

I picked these sites up from another great site called another site for you to take a look at


Linda said...

Just checked the google one...very detailed. You're right - this will keep me busy, and probably more than a hour or two!

rebay said...

I expect a full report :-)

Linda said...

You're a tyrant! :-)

Gary said...

Thanks for posting the list, Rob.

If you or your readers have suggestions on other features you'd like to see in AuctionMapper, we're always looking for ways to improve.

rebay said...

Thanks Gary

do you have plans to extend the range to the UK ?


Linda said...

I've looked at a couple, and have some general observations.

1. Google & Auction Mapper - I don't think I'm a visual person in that the mapping features don't appeal to me. They're hypnotic, but I didn't find them helpful for zeroing in on a specifc item. However, someone else will probably find these very helpful.
2. Coogy is worrisome in that it requires a Flash player, plus it downloads to your desktop, and updates automatically. I'm a little leery of downloading these kinds of applications.

Tomorrow - I'll look at the others.

Gary said...


Extending to the UK... that's something we'd like to do.

Since we use our own maps in AuctionMapper, the availability of good quality UK maps that can be geocoded is a consideration.

Naturally, Google or Yahoo maps would work, but then speed becomes a concern. When someone maps items from the category tree or a search, we want the map and pins to appear almost immediately and, as good as the map solutions above are, they generally are slower. So, bottom line, we haven't decided which direction to take.

Of course, you'd probably say that a slow UK map would be better than none at all!

Another factor is that many people seem to be using AuctionMapper because of other features (browsing subcategories of the category tree with price and other constraints, but without a search term; item specifics searches, etc..) even if they never use the maps. This has caused the maps to be a lower priority on our to-do list.

Thanks for asking, and feel free to ask anything else either here or on the AuctionMapper forum or with the email link at the bottom of any AM page.

[And thanks for the review, Linda. Please let us know if there's anything we can do (without mapping) to help you zero in on what you're searching for.]

Anonymous said...

Cooqy doesn't download to your desktop, it resides within your browser.

Cooqy already maps items located in the USA, Canada, and UK.

Andy Geldman said...

You can search the Auction Software Review by country and category - for example, web based search tools that support

If any of you have used these tools and could post a review on the site it would be much appreciated.

Chris said...

Very nice list - I also liked Typozay as it has a good list of bidding tips as well as a Ebay mispellings finder.

Phil Lee said...

Here's another site to add to your list:

It does all the usual stuff but also allows you to create custom RSS feeds to alert you when a misspelled item is listed as well as offering assorted browser plugins too.

There's some pretty exciting new additions just around the corner too !

ray said...

another good site is Call My Auction eBay Phone Sniper