Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ebay Is Infectious..and current hot product to sell

I have been away for a few days over to Derbyshire, staying with good friends . As you can imagine because of my affliction ( ebayitis) the conversation on occasions turned to eBay .

The result of which is that eBay has a new seller ...see I told you it was infectious ...My mate Paul and I { not forgetting Matthew his son who also became infected }...listed a few items yesterday can see the fruit of our labours by clicking here ..

We also discussed current market trends and liked the idea of the latest gadget to hit the UK The Digital Photo Frame... a quick check on completed listings tells me that this is a hot product . So being the entrepreneur's that we are, we fired off a couple of emails to some Chinese suppliers found at ( a great site for sourcing product from the far east)

So will this be the product line that will kick start our eBay business ?..who knows ..but I will certainly keep you posted.

Also thinking about signing up for yahoo adverts [ after google dumped me :-( ] ..if I do this though, my guardian adsense Angels must not be tempted to defect to Yahoo Angels ...because I will get booted out again :-)

Must get on ...I have a sermon to essay to complete ..and tons of items to list ....

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