Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fairtrade products on eBay

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to sit on the committee for Fairtrade in my home town of Wem and duly obliging I attended the inaugural meeting tonight .

I am now a fully converted Fairtrade man and part of the community team whose role it is to give Wem town a Fairtrade Town status ..

When it comes to fairtrade products on eBay, like the highstreet market place, eBay is tracking a small but increasing amount of traffic in these products . Something any ethically challenged individual should be pleased about . One such trend is towards ethical clothing ..Read this posting from January's archives .

So is there an opportunity for public spirited eBayers to trade in products that serve the dual purpose of providing a profitable income for yourself whilst ensuring that the producer receives an honest days pay for their labours .

Personally I would love to find a source of supply for these products that would sell . If anyone knows of any then let me know .

The market in Fairtrade products is going to grow , consumer consciences are beginning to be supportive of the underprivileged third world producers . This trend ,thankfully , is set to continue and will inevitably lead to exponential sales growth in the not too distant future.

So go and find some Fairtrade products to sell ...Its highly likely to be win , win all round

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