Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Handbags the girls go mad for them on eBay especially Louis Vuitton

I came across this company yesterday ... click here... they are based in Florida and sell top designer make ladies bags and accessories at wholesale prices .

Now I must admit I am tempted to experiment again see I just can't stop myself ... The prices are very tempting ...but my one niggling doubt is whether they are genuine or not .

I did some research on Louis Vuitton bags and they go like hot cakes ( sorry American readers cakes is a British expression) ..The UK bidders can't get enough of them ..

So I am tempted to buy a couple ..... What do you think ??..Help me make a decision here cyber friends ..

Yes or no ... let me know in the comments ...or let me know if you are tempted as well :-)

incidentally ...Louis a great name for the Fat fingers site ..loads of people spell it wrong .


Mark said...

But your'e wrong Rob. We American's are very familiar with the term Hot Cakes.

Those of us in our 40's vividy remember the American TV Show in the 60's called "Green Acres" and the "viddles" Lisa Douglas used to cook up to the shagrin of her poor husband "Oliver".

To get a better look at Lisa's famous "Hotscakes" and their doughy cousin "Vaffles" browse on over to
then come right back here.

Here's a quote from the site.

"Her hotcakes were so tough that they came in handy as backup shingles when the roof needed repair"

rebay said...

Very Good mark ...if ebay fails ..comedy is your next port of call ( now is port of call a British or American expression !! )


Linda said...

Rob, be careful...I dug into their web site. These are not authentic designer handbags or anything else. They're knockoffs, & it's illegal to sell them.

See below from the web site:

Welcome to Urban Rampage Clothing! We are a Retailer/ Wholesaler of Authentic Clothing. (All Clothing is Authentic). Our handbags are Replicas. We sell high quality replica handbags you want find anywhere else, 100% leather. They come with Serial Numbers, Dust bags and Tags.

Urban Rampage is not in any way affiliated with, representing, associated, or sponsored by Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Hermes, Christian Dior, Prada, Rolex, Burberry, Dooney & Burke, Fendi or their copyrighted products. We do not claim that our products are original (unless otherwise noted) or that they are exact copies, so we do not violate any copyright laws. Louis Vuitton, Gucci and any other name brands named in this site are trademarks of their respective companies and the use of their names and photos in this site is only for comparison purposes.

We have taken great care to ensure that the workmanship and material looks, weigh, and feel are much like the originals. All Handbags are replicas and are not represented as authentic. We are not affiliated with any of the designer names in the handbags. To purchase authentic handbags visit the website of that retailers.

If you are affiliated with or working for Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Coach, Gucci, Dooney & Burke, Fendi, Christian Dior, Rolex, Burberry, Chanel, Prada or any other product on this site wither directly or indirectly, or any other related group or were formally a worker, you cannot enter this web site, cannot access any of its resources and cannot view any of the web pages. If you enter this site, you are not agreeing to the terms and you are Violating code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1995 and that means you cannot threaten our ISP(s) or any person(s) or company storing these files, and cannot prosecute any person(s) affiliated with the page which includes friends, family or individuals who run or enter this site.

By purchasing our replicas, the buyer aggress not to sell or represent them as an authentic item or try to hold the owner of this site liable in court for any reason. By continuing to enter this site, you are expressing and implicitly agreeing to all terms as stated above.

rebay said...

Nice one Linda

You now have a new name Sherlock Holmes ..

So its a definite No then for me buying any of the fakes

You are so cool Linda


Linda said...

You guys are funny...

Hotcakes is recognized in the, something is "selling like hotcakes." Port of call too is known too.

Remember though - we used to be a British colony over here and so many of our phrases, words, and terms had their genesis with England - we liked 'em so we kept 'em.

Of course, we like other countries' languages too...French, Spanish, to name a couple. For instance, deja vu...I'll bet a lot of the younger people here think that's an American phrase, and have no idea we actually borrowed it from the French. I could go on and on.

American English is ever expanding. If there's not a word for something, we'll make it up, and oila! all of a sudden, it's in the dictionary. The most recent word that comes to mind is "truthiness" as coined by Ken Colbert (a political satire comedian over here). It refers to, in essence, a statement given that has no basis in fact or truth, but by virtue of simply saying it, it is the truth. (This is very political in origin.)

And, would you believe - this word became the number 1 new word for 2005!!!!


rebay said...

Linda ..your Knowledge knows no bounds ...



Havn't posted today because I havn't had half an hour to spare ...will try later on tonight ...

Take Care

Anonymous said...

HI there, I have actually been considering buying from the same site you are mentioning. I believe it is ok to sell them on ebay as long as you do not represent them as authentic. There are tons on ebay that are not authentic. I was actually looking for some replicas to sell on ebay as well and I am seriously considering that same site for my ordering.

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