Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Buying to sell on Ebay

I have been experimenting again . A couple of week ago I bought this item here..via the fatfingers website . Fatfingers is a site that lists items with spelling mistakes ( read about it here)

Anyway I typed in Caithness ( a famous Scottish glassmaker) and found the listing with its title spelt incorrectly . So I bid and picked it up for a grand total of £7 ( including postage)

Yesterday I offered it back up to eBay here ... I worked on the copy , as preached in other posts , I worked on cleaning the item up and taking a nice Photo ( although if I had better equipment the photo would be a lot better). Most importantly though, I made sure that there were no spelling mistakes in the title ...

<<<<<<..still not fully happy with it ..too dark at the bottom ..but I'll get better :-)

the original photo listed when I bought it.

So I am watching this one closely ( as are two other people according to my eBay)

What do you think ? ...will it be a profit or will it be a loss ...eBay can be really exciting sometimes ...but then again I'm getting old and it doesn't take very much to get me excited these days :-)

Watch it with me


Linda said...

Rob, there's very good advice about taking pictures of glass on the photography board. I remember reading something about shooting the glass with the light shining from above it...


rebay said...

I will have to work on it

Thanks Again


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