Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A woman scorned on eBay :-)

My little metal woman is suffering from depression this morning . You see, she has all her best trendy gear on , she has made a real effort to be attractive and only nine people have stopped by to admire her so far . She is starting to talk about therapy :-)

I think I have a problem with my title . I have written in the past about the importance of having the right key words in your title .Well I think I have failed my little woman and not complimented her with words that would get her noticed . Understandably she is not talking to me now .... a reaction that I am not immune to , after all I have a wife and three daughters who often do the same if husband or dad lets them down ,

So I need help from the dolphins ...what do you think about the title ...here is the link to the listing ... She is such an attractive figurine , it would be a shame to not show her off to the eBay world ..


Andrea said...

Oh, the poor little thing! How could anyone resist such a cutie? I don't understand this one at all. Take heart, Rob. There's still plenty of time left in the auction.

Linda said...

I feel your pain! Hand Painted is good...figurine is good...

fashionable and trendy are probably two words that are never entered into a search query.

Retro, 60's, 70's look, disco queen (whichever era your little woman is representing)...maybe a reference to size in the title - she's quite tall at 12 Inches.

So, maybe something like this "very tall hand-painted metal figurine of a disco queen (or a 70's swinger or 60's hippie or whatever"

rebay said...

Thanks ladies

I'll make the changes

Your humble servant